Texturas de mundos distintos

30 November 2014 adminweb blog

When arts goes together …


A few months ago,in an art gallery in Paris, we were lucky to see a photograph from the collectiom Cuba Expired, belonging to the renowned Werner Pawlok.

Besides having a great work for the world of fashion and have done internationally recognized series of portraits, the author shows in this collection special sensitivity to capture this particularly beautiful essence of decadence. I leave you enjoy some of his works.




The subtlety of the beautiful textures revealed by these pictures of Havana, brings us back to the art world, this time, Yan Marczewski, who also we discovered in Paris, at the Galerie de l’Europe.

His works, freed of all constraints, materialize textures and color blends in a way intuitively and emotionally charged.
They are pure sensation, free expression, imbued with something dark that conveys great strength and melancholy. Simply gorgeous.


Finally we want to show some textures we created for a project we just finished, with different etching techniques.
However Art of Engraving, as a creative process, is an inexhaustible source of textures and sensations with which we like to work deeply for our collections of pattern designs, which will come to light soon.






Textures in Collagraph plate, Carborundum copper plate and Carborundum Etching print.

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