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30 September 2014 adminweb blog

Finally came the big day…


Just before starting, everything is ready, 3, 2,1…


montaje uon

Crowded streets of people, colors and textures.

An overflowing creativity enclosure in Paris, the city of fashion, where the best textile design professionals gather, and where everyone is looking in search of trends fashion for the new season.

We were lucky to be there, exhibiting our best collections for  Autumn-Winter 15/16. Our designs, full of sensitivity, new ideas and techniques, were exposed in one of the best showcases of pattern design! Definitely a dream come true!

Handmade and digital prints, the way we work tries to take the best of both worlds. First, we work by hand and experiment with different techniques; then digitally, providing all the benefits, transparency and textures that allows digital processing. As a result, designs breathe creativity and passion, romance, colorful and evocative forms, and they are interspersed with transparencies, watercolors and gouaches.

A romantic look to the cold forests and the joy of life of the country side, autumn is not grey!

banderola uon

Fashion Area – Uon’s Flag

Xray pattern

Design Collection XRAY-Nature

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