Gracias Barcelona!

20 July 2014 adminweb blog

Our visit to this fascinating city has been a success!

Our designs have been well received and we look forward to come back soon!

And as we are always observing and discovering, here you have some hidden treasures that we have discovered in our last visit!



You can find this singular mural in Bar Trópico, where in addition to delicious tropical fruits juices you can enjoy the ingenious and in good taste treatment given to a existent wall, in which they have left visible the original stone and brick, and have covered partially with plastering, getting this unconventional world map. A really original surface impregnated with multiculturality.

Can you imagine our “Steined glass” with this surface treatment?

tropico2_rgb72  tropico3_rgb72

From one world map to another absolutely different. This is Fernando Alday , chilean artist whose delightful exhibition left us speechless. His sensitive raw material, are paper and memory. With them the artist make up paintings which make up new memories impregnated with past.


Pieces from notebooks, old books, letters, forgotten manuscripts…are gathered by the artist to make up another stories full of thoughts, memory, past. His paintings are pure sensibility and excitement for the ephemeral….simply fabulous!



Finally in Artevistas Gallery, the exhibition of Lantomo, Italian artist based in Barcelona, with her characters, who do not want to hear, do not  want to feel, do not want to think…, hiding their negations with the red ink


See you soon BCN!

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