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24 February 2014 adminweb blog

We just have arrived from Première Vision Pluriel, in París, the world’s fashion capital and it was really exciting!

As you know, Premier Visión is one of the most important shows in the fashion world, and it celebrates editions all around the world: Nueva York, São Paulo or Shanghai are other cities in which you can enjoy this event.

Professionals, innovations and the latest trends all come together in this event. It is made up of 6 complementary shows about the fashion textile sector: Expofil, Cuir A Paris, Modamont, Zoom, and for us the two  most interesting ones:  “Premiere Visión about fabrics and  Indigo, the best showcase of textile designers at the moment, to which we hope to add soon!

Silks and prints fabrics of Premiere Visión stood out as absolutely ravishing and of course Gratacos’ fabrics with their delighting and irresistible combinations and colours. It was a pleasure to talk with them. Here you have an example:


INDIGO , Creative textile & surface design show, certainly was as we expected: a unique offer from international studios presenting patterns designs overflowing of talent and quality .It ravished us with their original and really artistical designs. During the three days of the show, we were walking the streets full of color, breathing originality and creativity in the air.

Meanwhile, we met Fer, from Alice Villodress Studio, and their delightful designs. They are one of the few representatives of Spain in the event and their designs are really ravishing. Good luck guys!

We hope to be the next!


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