About us

We are UON STUDIO, a creative surface design studio from Seville, Spain. We were born from the union of art, design and architecture fields and we design with this idea.

UON creates artworks for all surfaces.

Each season UON develops original and different exclusive designs collections for Home, Contract and Fashion that we present at the most important international exhibition fairs.

Inspired by everything around, we strongly think that everything is connected: nature, art, design, architecture, photography….everything is joined. It is like what happens in an artwork, in which all the colours usually influence to the others, creating a joint atmosphere which involves everything… and this is our way to work: experimenting different ways of art, and techniques from all of these fields, for generating rich and sensitive pattern designs full of sensitiveness and emotions.

Our designs are made by hand and then digitally worked so that the client receives the file with the rapport or the placed design ready to produce on the required surface .We also work on commissioned design, following the requirement, inspirations and customer specifications.

If you want to see our collections or work with us you can contact here.

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